Monday, 7 August 2017

Stormy Seas and other projects

Hello there!
Before we get much further into August I want to share with you the other projects I was working on in July. Along with the cross stitch I shared in this post my main project for the month was Stormy Seas. Last time I showed you it (back here) I was just starting the sleeves and wondering if I had enough yarn.... well... I got down to a few inches above my elbow, weighed the remaining yarn and realised the answer was no! So I went back to my leftover Colourwheel & used some of the bright turquoise to knit two stripes, one of ten rows, one of five and weighed my yarn again. I hoped there would now be enough so I continued on down the sleeve working decreases every six rows. About 1.5" from where I wanted the sleeve to end I switched to garter stitch to match the border round the body and I cast off with the same picot cast off that I had used for the body too. I ended up with about 10" of yarn spare!!! Now to hope there was the same amount of yarn on the other ball for the other sleeve... Near the end it really didn't look like there was and I played a very nervous game of yarn chicken but thankfully I finished the last little picot bump with about 6"left - whew! So would you like to see my finished Stormy Seas?

Here it is spread out on the floor, I thought about blocking it but July has been chilly so I just started wearing it instead!

In fact some days seemed to have a hint of autumn in them and I was quite happy to curl up under this while I added another two rows of squares to it...

Finally I managed to get a pic which shows the richness of the dark purple! Not with the fancy camera with 1000 settings but snapped on my phone - go figure! Ten of the thirteen rows are now completed so I decided to double check how we were doing size wise. I spread it out on our bed and took a quick pic...

Yes, I think another three rows and a border will do it! This blanket is getting tantalisingly close to a finish and I am busy making more squares - as of last night nineteen left to go!! My goal is to get this finished during August so we can deliver it to dear daughter before autumn arrives for real!
Lastly it will come as little surprise that after finishing Stormy Seas I cast on ... another pair of socks! I was going for instant gratification so picked this pattern, last year I made socks for myself using another pattern by the same designer which were simple, speedy, and fun tv knitting. For these ones I used more of the Drops Fabel that I picked up in the spring sale, the colorway is 677 Green/Turquoise Print. 

This is a second pair for Hubbie and I was going to call them his Mr Weasley socks but as they grew the pattern started to remind me of bricks.... bricks in a fire place... and amongst the other rich jewel like colors the lime green jumped out and yelled "Floo Powder!" Perhaps these are Mr Weasley's everyday socks that he wears traveling to and from the Ministry and they have splashes of Floo Powder left on them? So I named them Magical Floo Powder Socks :-) I did warn you this pattern lets your brain wander lol They would've been finished within the week but one of my needles snapped :o I had to decide what I would get to replace them and then bump the order up to qualify for the free shipping (after all I did just completely finish two balls out of the stash, three if you count the first Colourwheel in Stormy Seas lol). After a three day break I was able to get back to them and they were my last finish of July. Here are Hubbie's happy feet modelling them for you...

While I waited for the replacement needles I took out a project which had been in a Timeout since March but I will tell you all about that next time... Until then I hope you have a lovely week with lots of opportunities to be creative!


  1. Glad you won the game of chicken yarn. LOL It makes for a stunning finish! I agree that those purples are a beautifully rich color palette for the blanket. Have a great week! Andrea

  2. Your knitting and crochet looks amazing!

  3. Oh JUST made it with the yarn......I can't imagine how you must have been feeling as it was getting close to the end :) Love the looks wonderful on the bed.

  4. Love your sweater. It's beautiful with the back swirl.

  5. That circular cardigan/shawl/garment is amazing! I love the way you've made it and the colours are gorgeous too!


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